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weighted like water 
video work, 2020

#3 (excerpt)
Murmurs Gallery, Los Angeles, 2020

Legier SS20 Lookbook
see more here

a complex movement in collaboration with Jasmine Nyende 
AALA Gallery, 2019

halftime show pt. 2 with Miles Brenninkmeijer
live score by Bapari
Pieter Performance Space, 2019

tennis fan 
Director: Quinn Wilson
Choreography: Alexsa Durrans 
Music: Banoffee

bye bye bye
with Miles Brenninkmeijer
Weekend at Berenice, 2018

stork phrase lines up with shoreline
Collaboration with Jamie Felton
Untitled Art Fair, Miami, 2017

answers me
Your Motion Says an Arthur Russell Tribute Festival
PAM Residencies, 2017

weighted like water, this will happen again
Pieter Performance Space, 2017

only one part two I will always love you
Electric Lodge, 2017

an arrangement in stages,
collaboration with Nicole Cooke
Pieter Performance Space, 2016

Glorya Kaufman Hall, 2016

meet up
film with Dante Matero, 2016

film with Gracie Winston 2015

Whos Staying
Glorya Kaufman Hall, 2015