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Movement Carrying Systems at MAK Center 2022. Dancer: Andrea Soto Photo: Tag Christof

Movement Carrying Systems (MCS) is a research based movement workshop that inspects how we move our bodies in relation to spatial architectures (formal space, implied spatial hierarchies, crowds, other bodies & sentient beings). MCS considers how these interactions create, propose and perpetuate complex systems of knowledge making.

How can we acknowledge and interrogate these tangled systems through the rigorous work of movement: gesture, posture and rhythm?

Participants rest, talk, engage and move together, using each other as guiding posts and learning modules. The class explores movement in the body that quirks, glitches and side-tracks from embodied, or inscribed actions — a deviation from what is assumed for our bodies to do and participate in.

No prior movement experience is required. Alexsa encourages a space for all folx to come and center their own practices while engaging with and encouraging the work and labor others bring into the space.

This workshop has been taught at Hoover Haus (2022), California Institute for the Arts (2021) and at MAK Center as a part of their Reorientations Programming (2022).